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Built For: iPad

SalesPak is a state of the art mobile wholesale ordering system for the iPad that interfaces with Trisoft’s SIE server software –

SalesPak incorporates customer management, visit creation, product catalogue browsing and order creation, all the while securely synchronising with the remote server platform. SalesPak takes advantage of Apple’s iOS operating system to help deliver a great experience.

hiddenMemory worked closely with Trisoft to achieve their goal, of building the best mobile sales tool, by providing assistance at all the major milestones throughout the project including design, user experience, development, deployment, and testing. hiddenMemory employed agile development methods and rapid prototyping to help ensure that the software was well received not only by Trisoft, but their customers as well.

  • SalesPak 1
  • SalesPak 2
  • SalesPak 3
  • SalesPak 4
Technologies Employed:
Advanced interaction between native application and remote RESTful APIs. Low level networking. Advanced data management. Sophisticated multithreading and synchronisation. ARC. Animation. Custom components.

What the client said...

“Working with hiddenMemory has been superb. From their initial understanding of our general requirements through taking on board our suggestions as to how the system needs to work ‘at the coal face’ has been refreshing in the extreme. In addition the level of input and support to take us from prototype, through customer trials to the App Store submission has been fantastic. We look forward to continuing development of the project and would recommend hiddenMemory to anybody in our position!”

Russell Kirby – Sales Manager, Trisoft Group’s Commercial Division