About hiddenMemory

Who? What? Where?

hiddenMemory is a small company based in Hove, on the south coast of England, founded in 2010 by Chris Ross.

The company was born from an overwhelming desire to create great software with a focus towards on awesome user experience. Our skill ranges from large scalable data systems, web application platforms, compilers tool chains to mobile application development. hiddenMemory provides consultancy services as well as building its own range of high quality software.

hiddenMemory is growing with two people working hard to create great software.

Consultancy Services

hiddenMemory doesn't only focus on bringing the awesome to our own products. We offer consultancy services providing skills to help your business. Whether you need low level systems programming, iPhone, iPad, Android applications to high level project design, we have the skills you need.

We strive to uphold a few basic set of principles when working with others:

Great Communication

We strive to make sure communication is core component of all aspects of consultancy work. We believe that communication is a two way activity. When working with you, we hope you give our communication the same sense of urgency and attention you would like us to give yours.

Transparent Pricing

No one likes to be stung with unexpected costs. We aim to provide realistic time estimates with realistic prices. We may not be the cheapest quote you receive but you can be certain there are no hidden costs. We also offer discounts on early invoice settlement and opportunities to reduce long term consultancy costs.

Relationship Building

We see each and every project as the start of a long term mutually beneficial relationship. We don't have clients. We have relationships. We always look forward to working with all of our relationships and seeing them grow over time.