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Built For: iPhone & iPod Touch

MyVicinity is a great way for consumers to find out of offers near them from VicinityGlobal –

Using advanced technologies such as background location updates and push notifications, consumers are just a tap away from a great offer. The application and backend server interaction allows new ways of companies and outlets to provide last minute offers to long term savings.

hiddenMemory was brought into design, implement the client experience whilst helping guide the interact between client and server. The result is a application that not only runs with the MyVicinity branding but can be reskinned with ease should a specific outlet/chain require a custom branded version.

  • MyVicinity 1
  • MyVicinity 2
  • MyVicinity 3
Technologies Employed:
Advanced interaction between native application and remote services. Custom user interface rendering and theming. Push notifications. Location services.

What the client said...

“hiddenMemory have become an integral part of our development team and we would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone in the future. Absolute pleasure to work with. Knowledge of the technologies involved are in my experience second to none.”

David Burke, Managing Director VicinityGlobal Ltd