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Built For: iPhone, iPod Touch ∧ iPod Touch

iWGC is a bespoke application commissioned by healthcare website iWantGreatCare – http://www.iwantgreatcare.org.

hiddenMemory is invested in this entire project. Based on the carefully established project brief, we created the initial specification and mock-up documents for the application design; we designed the user interaction, and the communication protocol between the existing iWantGreatCare system and the mobile application. Once this work was in place, we moved on to building the application and publishing it to the Apple app store.

The resulting application simplifies the complex process of finding and reviewing doctors, dentists, pharmacies, care homes and medicines, allowing access to this vital information from mobile devices.

  • iWantGreatCare 1
  • iWantGreatCare 2
  • iWantGreatCare 3
Technologies Employed:
Advanced interaction between native application and remote services. Low level networking. Advanced media playback.

What the client said...

“For the iWantGreatCare app, Chris [at hiddenMemory] added huge value, not just following my brief but building and improving on it at every stage. His communication and focus on the client is the best I’ve come across for a long, long while. A pleasure to work with and totally recommended.”

Neil Bacon, CEO & Founder, iWantGreatCare

What the client said...

“Chris has an exceptional talent for designing iOS applications. He was able to produce an excellent application for us, and his assistance in API design was invaluable. I look forward to future projects working together.”

Chris Bailey, CIO, iWantGreatCare