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Built For: iPad

Delivery Site is an advanced tool for presenting HTML content from the Apple iPad with no requirements for a remote web server, WiFi or 3G connectivity. We aim for ease of use. The objective of the interface’s design is to minimise user interaction whilst still offering a wide range of tools, simplifying operation without limiting options, allowing the user to share content as it suits them.

Delivery Site lets you share information via a projector, using a VGA connector, or with multiple browsers over a network. It includes support in creating presentations – using either your own content or the slides provided – and controlling them, using Delivery Remote for iPhone over a bluetooth connection. Delivery Site makes it easy to take notes as you receive feedback, ensuring that important suggestions and idea’s never go unrecorded.

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  • DeliverySite 4
Technologies Employed:
Advanced interaction between native application and web content. Low level networking. Bluetooth communication between devices. External video output.

What the client said...

“This works great. Needed to be able to present a website in offline mode. I had a zip’ed up site of 250mb which I then imported via Dropbox into Delivery Site and it did not choke on it! The interface is clean and nice to work with. It works beautifully to broadcast via WiFi to browsers around you and with the free iPhone DS Remote app, you can setup presentations – worked wonderfully to create a tour through the site. Very happy it can handle the different file types and it just plays nicely. Well done!”

Customer Review: Dec 6th 2010