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Built For: iPod Touch

Conference application is a bespoke application commissioned by an international company for a private technology conference which took place during the fourth quarter of 2010. hiddenMemory was commissioned to build a custom appellation, delivering individually-tailored welcome messages, attendee-specific schedules, video content and customised feedback mechanisms. The project required we create a server backend, as well as adding the application to 300 fourth-generation iPod Touch devices with per-device customisations.

hiddenMemory didn’t just provide the user interface, we also designed and developed the application. From inception to delivery, we delivered Conference application in just over four weeks. Our success relied not only on our software development skills, but on our talent for realistic, detailed and accurate resource planning.

  • Conference App 1
  • Conference App 2
  • Conference App 3
  • Conference App 4
Technologies Employed:
Per attendee customised user experience linked to the specific iPod. Remote server interaction. Custom component creation. Media playback.